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Superior Food Products (Essex) Ltd. was established in 1997 by two experienced Chinese chefs in East London. The company strives to promote and produce traditional Chinese dim sums and delicacies. Since its inception, the business has been producing the most authentic and delicious dim sums and Chinese delicacies and has expanded to dominate the European market.

As the specialist in authentic Dim Sum Cuisine, Superior Food manages to combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest production technology. Using the finest original recipes and the most authentic ingredients conforming the European food safety regulations, we have achieved the highest standards of taste, texture, aroma, colour and even natural nutritional content, all in harmonious combination.

In 2008 Superior Food has expanded its production to the European mainland. The Netherlands has been chosen for logistical reasons. Superior Food Netherlands B.V. has become an independent business in order to ensure and to maintain the quality and food safety. The Dutch company is specialised in the production of two Chinese delicacies: preserved duck eggs and salted duck eggs. Its raw materials are imported within Europe and are accompanied with the appropriate health certificates. Preserved duck eggs and salted duck eggs are not only popular in Canton region, where dim sum was most known, but also much loved and frequently presented on dining tables of millions of Chinese restaurants and households across the country.

The products of Superior Food are targeted to the Chinese and Asian markets in Europe and are delivered to the entire European Union.

Food safety

Europe has a very strict food safety policy where every food company is under stringent inspection by the local authorities. Superior Food is certified by the local governments and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) based on our unique formula, transparent production process, excellent quality control, our special written tracking software and our well trained personnel. All the raw materials are accompanied with the appropriate health certificates and therefore optimal food safety is achieved in accordance with European standards.

While abide to European Food Safety standard, Superior Food makes every effort to offer our customers the best products made from authentic recipes to keep its traditional and unique tastes. We have become the only European company that meets European Food Safety requirements in producing preserved duck eggs and salted duck eggs.


Our products are supplied as either chilled or frozen. At the moment we manufacture over 40 different Dim Sums and they are divided into groups according to their cooking methods.

Our ranges of products are supplied with pre-packed for the retail and the catering market. For the retail market our products are packed in an attractive and hygienic heat-sealed container in meal-sized portion. Currently our products are available from all major Chinese supermarkets all over Europe. For the professional catering market, our products are packed in catering packs suitable for easy storage and maintaining freshness and flavour at the same time.

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